Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pet Peeves

The next pet I get, I'm going to name him peeve, so when I introduce him, I can say this is my pet peeve. Except I will need a small army of pets, since I apparently have a few pet peeves.

1. The people in the grocery store with the fully loaded shopping cart who get into the line marked for people with 15 items or less. Enough said.

2. People who don't signal their right or left turn. The drivers on the road aren't psychic buddy, and we don't know if you are slowing down because you're in your car dying, or if because you could possibly be turning down that street over there. You may not know, because not a lot of people do, but your car has a secret mechanism called an indicator. Your steering wheel has a lever on it, that when you move it up or down, will activate an orange light on the back of your car. This orange light signals to all the other drivers on the road (and most importantly, the drive who is behind your ass) if you are turning left or right. If there is no flashing orange light, this is interpreted as you are continuing to go straight.

3. People who cut me off to go slow.

4. Name calling if you're over the age of 13. Even then it already gotten old. Moron, idiot, pansy, etc. Really?

5. Taking credit for other people's work. Just admit you were too lazy to do your own darn work.

6. Lack of manners. It's not hard people, someone does something for you, even if they bless you when you sneeze, you say thank you. If you fart or burb, you say excuse me.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Going to the Dogs

So we got this dog.

What on earth made me think that getting a puppy was a brilliant idea? I don't know, I think I was high lol. No I wasn't, but I definitely was not thinking clearly. The dudes and I were on our way home from bowling one day, and my stupid self says, "Hey, lets go stop at that pet store." (Next time I open my mouth before speaking, someone promise to wrap me up in duck tape and stick me in the closet.) There was this three month old silky terrier there that was so stinking cute, and we all fell in love! Even the hubs, who up until that point flat out, put foot down, refused to have a little dog, was ready to stick her in his jacket and take her home. This pet store however has a reputation from getting their puppies from puppy mills, and they wanted an arm, leg, and my first born for her, so we left empty handed.

Two days later, I'm Google searching puppy breeders,  and a week later, I'm picking up Bruno from the airport. (I am impulsive, I know)

Stinking cute right? He was this tiny, snuggly, freaking adorable little guy. We love him!

Until the potty training thing. Which means we could take him out all day, every day, and the little stinker still finds a way to pee and poop on our hard wood floors!

And the underwear biting thing. It's my underwear he likes to nibble on. Generally while I am wearing them.

And the brushing grooming thing. It is not ok for me, my hubs, the kids, or any two legged creature on earth to get near him with a brush. Or comb, Or shears. So he now looks a like a shag a monster. He has bangs that cover his eyes because he has tried to bite every groomer we have taken him too, and because of that, they will not give him a hair cut. I'm able to brush him, but it takes three of us, one holding him on a leash, one holding the bitter apple spray, and me frantically bobbing and weaving with the brush. Forget clippers tho.

And then there's the spazziness. All puppies are a little spazzy, no biggie. But apparently silky terrier's are spazzy for life. I don't know if I can accurately describe how spaztastic he is. Imagine a three year old toddler who hasn't napped in 3 days, who was just fed a bag of pixie sticks and let loose in Disney World. That kind of spazzy. Times 10.

He has wiggled his way into our hearts, and we all love him dearly. (Yes, even me, and even as I cuss him out with every curse word imaginable while I clean up his pee for the millionth time in a day after we just came in a from a walk.) And he is definitely part of our family, for better or worse. But sweet jesus, some days, I'm telling you, he may not make it to his first birthday!

Monday, July 8, 2013

So far in a nutshell

So besides the post that nearly started WW3 lol, I've pretty much been MIA. I've just been so busy! Or tired. Something. Quick update:

1. I graduated college! *takes a minute to jump and scream and shout* that's right folks, I am the proud owner of my degree in paralegal studies!! Great day, great feeling, great big sigh of relief! And then I get to do it again in two years when I'm done with my bachelors degree. Assuming UB hasn't killed me first. As stressful as it is, I still say I'd be a permanent student, because I really am that dork who likes learning. That and I don't want to face my student loan bills when I am finally done!

2. Finished my first 5k in 38 minutes!!! Two years ago I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. Fast forward, and I'm over 80lbs down and running! It's work, and it's hard, but I was so proud of our team when we crossed the finish line. I'm gonna beat that time tho, I want to finish my next 5k in 30 mins or less.

3. My baby is a high schooler!! #1 passed, he passed, thank god almighty he passed! He scrapped by just barely in social and math, but his gpa was the highest it's ever been. So next year he is an official high school freshman. I am not old enough to have a child in high school! (No really, I'm not. Teen mom and all) I am so freaking proud of him, and so sad at the same time. My baby is not a baby anymore, and in a few short years he'll be moving off to college!

4. Winners of the coolest parents ever award goes to: we surprised the dudes with a one week trip to disney. Completely surprised, had no clue. The look on #1's face was PRICELESS. #2 was more excited about the balloons that came pouring out of the box lol. We had an amazing time, minus the few temper tantrums along the way. How could you not tho, it's DISNEY!! I swear next time I'm just gonna hide out in the castle and live there forever. It is magical.

5. I survived my first UB semester! 3.5 gpa, and let me just say I was mad! I've never gotten less then a 3.9. My OCD anal retentiveness won't let me get anything lower. I know it's not bad by any stretch of the imagination, and juggling a full time job, two kids and a hubs, and the gym three times a week plus full time school is a lot for anyone, but still. Oh well, I passed, whoop whoop! Now it's time to get ready to apply to business management school. *gulp*

6. Happy anniversary! The hubs and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! (Awwwww) it seems like longer, probably because we've been together since I was 18. But there was a time that I thought we weren't going to make it to a one year wedding anniversary. A relationship takes work, and effort, and we've done that, and we're stronger today then we ever have been. Not saying that there aren't days I wouldn't mind burying him in the backyard lmao, but overall, I done good!

7. Happy birthday! #2 turned 4. *wails* why do my babies have to grow so fast? Next year he'll graduate preschool and start kindergarten. Sigh.

I think that's it? I'm sure I forgot something, I'm old and my mind isn't what it used to be lol. I have been busy busy busy. I'm ready for a vacation and a glass of wine!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Brace Yourself, It's about to get Snarky Up In Here

**So I'm going to apologize in advance. I'm prolly gonna swear a lot, and sound like an ghetto potty mouthed trucker in a second. I generally am really well at censoring myself, but somehow I think on this blog I may not be able to. We'll see. If that's not your thing, it's cool, you don't have to read.Thankfully (or maybe unthankfully) it tends to be pretty crickets around here, so that may be a good thing.**

I drank the New Kids on the Block kool aid waaaaaay back in the day. My little fourth, fifth and sixth grade self loved them. If I was older I totally would've tried to groupie that. I wasn't bat stir crazy, but I cop to having a couple posters, a water bottle, bracelet, and all the trading cards I could convince my parents to buy me. Oh, and yes, I got up on Saturdays to watch that Saturday AM cartoon. It was heaven. People were haters, but haters are always gonna hate. I loved them, and no one could tell me otherwise! When they broke up, I was crushed. (If I got the wrong flavor icee in the cafeteria I was crushed lol.. you know how it is when you're young.)

Fast forward to 2008 when my trapped little teeny bopper fangirl self found out they reunited and there was going to be a new CD! Whoop! Being older, with more of a stable financial mean about me (ie. I worked, and didn't have to beg my parents for allowance or an early birthday present) I was all up on that shit! The Block was by far the best CD they have ever done. It was NKOTB, but older, wiser, more settled and in charge. It was sexy, danceable, and it also had this softer side to it at the same time that came from growing up and experiencing life and heartbreak. The guys were older, more mature, and let me say yummier then ever.

The reunion tour? Freaking amaze balls. I saw them on the reunion tour opening night Toronto, and it was incredible. Incredible! All five guys were excited, and having fun, and performing, and moving the crowd, and it was the best freaking night ever.

I was two months pregnant the night of that concert, and I didn't get to see them again until the NKOTBSB tour. I hope you understand that even though I drank the NKOTB kool aid, I full on triple  heart love double exclamation point BSB. I am bat shit crazy for those guys. This tour was a panty dropping must in my opinion. I can't say more then it was awesome. So awesome, I saw it three times. (Buffalo, Toronto, and London, Ont.) I dealt with crazy Canadian Toronto traffic and funny money and all sorts of Canada adventures and Matt Morrison (I don't hate if you're a gleeker) because both groups made it worth it. Damn dream/fantasy come true!

Fast forward a couple years later. I just don't know how to say this...while I'm still drinking the kool aid and I love them, I'm also really disillusioned as well. Maybe it's age, and with age comes wisdom, but WTF people?

I have seen the Package tour twice now. Why is it I am seeing a mashup of both the reunion tour and the NKOTBSB tour? Rising circular stage? Check. Joe singing please don't go girl for 15 minutes? Check. Guys coming out into the stands during "Tonight?" Double check. Guitar heavy version of "Covergirl?" Triple check. "We will rock you/hanging tough" finale complete with Boston hockey jerseys/baseball jerseys? Check, check, and check. Same dance moves, Donnie ripping off his tank top and Jordan sticking his hand down his pants, all check! I'm shelling out decent money for these tix, I want a different show then I have seen the past two tours! Put some effort into it boys, give us something new. Generally, a new tour means a new show experience, not freaking deja vu! Not only that, but you have a new damn CD out, why am I hearing "Step by Step" and "Right Stuff" for the 100 millionth time? Sing some newer stuff! The new CD is not half bad. It's not The Block, but it's not horrible. Hell, do something from the Block beside "Summertime" and "Dirty Dancing!" Do something, anything else!

Secondly, who the hell in their right mind charges $1000 for an ultimate meet and greet? An Ultimate consists of a few minutes in the New Kid's dressing room, seats inside the barricade, and an individual pic. Nifty, don't get me wrong. (Imagine all the pelvic thrust pics you could get from that view. That is definitely a panty dropping view!) But really? Honey I paid $150 to do an after party and while I didn't get an individual pic, the group pic turned out pretty damn hot. And I got a hug from one of the guys with only a little effort. And while I wasn't inside the barricade, my seats 7 rows back were just right. And did I read right that there was a $10,000 package out there for Mix Tape last year that someone bought so they could ride a damn roller coaster with the New Kids? If I'm gonna plunk down that much money, all the guys better be lying buck ass naked on a bear skinned rug waiting to make all my fantasies come true. And after they did they had better damn well invent some I didn't think of. This is a business, I get it. New Kids are here to make money as much or if not more than make music. It's how they support their families, save for college educations, etc. I GET IT. But when did it become all about the money and not about the music, or effort? (You should see some of the Ultimate pics, there was no effort on the guys parts. I'd be hella pissed that I just forked over a cool grand and one Kid is on his cell and another is yawning, and there's another making faces.) No effort in the tour, just a rehash of the past few, and no effort for the fans. Who releases three different versions of the same CD (the regular version, the ITunes version, and the Target version) where the only difference is that each has ONE song on it that isn't on the other two. So wait, you want me to buy THREE different versions of the same CD for only 3 songs? Put that shit on the same damn CD! Looking at it now, NKOTB was a money making machine back in the day. And rightfully so, with all the NKOTB merchandise that was out there. And I get that now you can't sell me a doll, or bed sheets, so you have to up your game. But come on. $10K to get on a rollercoaster? That's flat out pimping yourselves out, and you should be and can be better then that! People are paying those prices and buying that experience, so I know you're thinking "well lets keep doing it," but if the band put half as much effort into the tour as they did with charging for every meet and greet/viewing party/label anything a party and charge for it that they do then maybe this tour wouldn't be the same old same old in new outfits.

I know I sound angry, or bitter, but I think I'm just being honest. You can love a band, and drink their kool aid, and yet be honest when the career decisions and mistakes that are being made are disappointing. My teeny bopper self is disappointed at what has blatantly become a get that money ploy. My adult fan self is disappointed that what started out so great went downhill so fast, and I'm stunned  that not only has no one came up with a better idea then "Lets charge $80 for the same tour we've been doing for the past two years, but we'll add in Boys II Men and 98 degrees so no one notices," but that the fans are like, "This is the best tour ever!" Honey, it's the same damn tour that you've been seeing for five years!!! (Yes, I had a great time at the show. Why wouldn't I have? I had a great time at the other tours too! And there's beer.) I'm disillusioned that the band doesn't want more for themselves, that finally they could show the world there is no negative stigma with being a boy band, and that they are back, and even better. Instead, it's turned into some weird charade where they pretend they're in it for the fans, but instead they're tripping over themselves to get to the bank and rolling their eyes at all the people who fell for it. (PS. You can run to the bank and be better then you were at the same time you know. It doesn't have to be one or the other.)

Am I still a NKOTB fan? Down to my toes. But sweet lord, get it together already. Take a vacation, take a nap, and come back in two years refreshed and excited again. Or don't come back, but stop just going thru the motions.

6/21/13 Update/Edit: I wanted to quickly make a couple comments based on things I saw or read.

One girl on Twitter said I've been to 50 million shows. Actually, I've been to 6. Three tours, 6 shows. I have been to 1 after party. I have never done the cruise, however it sounds like the crazy people watching part would be fun (do not get me started on the shit storm of insaneness I have heard about the people on the cruise.) I have never done a VIP/Ultimate meet and greet, nor do I want to. ($1000 can buy an awful lot of shoes. Or purses. Or shots!)

A comment on the blog said I wasn't a true fan, and I'm going to address that. This is not a cult, or the mob, or some backwards 5th world country where I have to think like everyone else. I am not sheep, I have never wanted to be sheep, and I do not want to follow the herd. I do not agree that being disappointed in how things are makes me less of a fan, or does not make me a fan at all. It makes me an honest one. Someone else in my defense said that if they put out a CD of shits and farts am I supposed to fall all over myself and love that too? No. I can be a fan, and still think that they are not trying their all, and instead are phoning it in. I refuse to kiss anyone's ass, and instead would rather say, hey, this kinda totally sucks. I am not a teenage girl who thinks the band is god like. I am an adult who understands that people have flaws. I am not afraid to speak my mind, or say how I really feel, and that should not and does not make me less of a fan then the next person. I'm sorry if you feel that it does, but maybe you need to reexamine...something. Life? The dictionary? IDK.

Another comment I read on Twitter was that people don't listen when people like me complain, so we have to put it in writing. Actually, I write this blog for me. I vent, I spew, I write so when I'm 80 and senile, I have a way to remember how much fun my family and I had, or what our struggles were. I really don't care if people come here and read what I wrote, because I'm not writing it for anyone else. I did not expect for one post to be as popular as it has been, however I did not write this for people to listen or pay attention to. I wrote it after looking at a bunch of the VIP pics, and was frustrated and annoyed with how the guys appeared in them. Because again, if I plunked down a grand, you better damn well fake that you are having the time of your life with me, not looking like you are bored and miserable and all around jerky diva. It's common courtesy.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanks For.....

I'm a little late, but you have to forgive me. Between Thanksgiving, and making sure everyone came home from NYC in one piece, I'm surprised I remember my name right now!

It's that time of year again folks!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and between the frantic cleaning, cooking, homework, calgon take me away craziness that always ensues, its time to take a minute to count our blessings, and look at what we are thankful for!

I am thankful for the permanent marker drawings on the wall. (Oh yes, he did!) It means I have a three year old, when others struggle for that very thing. (It also means that #2 is not afraid of me and thinks he can just be cute and cuddly and snuggly and all will be forgiven.....Ok, I'm a sucker for a bear hug!)

I am thankful for my conversations about girls, and school, and swim practices. It means #1 trusts me enough to talk to me about what is going on in his life. (Although I have to admit, conversations about girls is making me go grey well before my time!)

I am thankful for my love, my heart, my everything. It means that after almost fourteen years, he is still my all, and even in our worst moments, we've stuck it out and made it out the other side. (Although I swear, if you dutch oven me one more time..........)

I am thankful for the mess in my house. It means this is a home, and we live here. It means we play, and laugh, and run and jump, and spend time together.

I am thankful for my family squabbles. It means my family is still here to squabble with.

I am thankful for the taxes I pay. It means I am employed, and can provide for my family.

I am thankful for the gazillion pounds I will gain this holiday season. It means that we can afford food. (Please god not a gazillion!)

I am thankful for my homework. It means I am getting an education, and that five weeks from today, I will graduate!

I am thankful for the knock down drag out fights  over the last piece of pumpkin pie with my friends. It's the friends part I'm thankful for, but if you don't put down that pie, I'll hurt you!

I am thankful for the new memories that will be created, and the memories that have already been.

I am thankful for the tears I have shed, and the smiles that have seen the light of day. I am thankful for bed time stories, and "Ah, he pooped on me!" I am thankful for bruised knees, and butterfly kisses; for a lifetime of anniversaries, and a past mixed with mistakes. It means I have lived. It means I am alive, and full of family, and love, and hopes and dreams.

What are you thankful for this year?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Here We Go!

T Minus four days until we leave for New York City!

We are surprising #1 with a weekend in the city for his thirteenth birthday. (I am frantically trying to ignore that my first born, beautiful baby boy is flat out going to be a teenager. I am going to weep, and then bury my head in a tub of chocolate cookie dough ice cream. But since that's probably a million WW points, I guess I'll just have to bury my head in some veggie sticks. SOB!)

I am totally excited!! I have never been to NYC before. I am salivating over all the possibilities, The Rock, Tiffany's, Central Park, Natural Museum of History, Tiffany's, Serendipity, Tiffany's, FAO Schwartz, Times Square, Tiffany' I sense a theme here? (Theoretically, I hope I can convince #1 that he must go see the 8th wonder of the world, and all of it's sparkly splendor, but somehow I don't see that happening.) Have you ever been to NYC? Any places I can't miss? Any places I should cross off my list? We have a day and a half in the city, so it's not tons of time, but we are trying to make the most of the time we have.

NYC isn't completely up and running, but it's getting there. If I didn't know better, I would have said Mother Nature was having a good laugh at my expense, since Sandy was born the day after I booked the hotel.

It has taken all of my self control not to tell #1 either. I totally want to jump up and down on the couch, and go "Guess freaking what???!!!" But that will spoil the surprise. Although he may guess something when we wake him up at the crack of dawn to "go shopping," and we don't stop in one mall for eight hours. Maybe he'll sleep the whole way?

I'm nervous about #2. He's three going on thirteen, so he thinks he can do everything all on his own. He wants to walk by himself, and if no one has to hold any ones hand, then he doesn't have to either. And to top it all off, he's a darter! I never thought I would be one of those moms who puts a backpack leash on their kid, but I'm telling you I am one clothes rack peek a boo game away from buying one in all styles! I don't him to get lost, or worse... Big dudes shoulders can only take so much, and the tiny tot refuses strollers, wagons, carts..oh boy. I see a lot of meltdowns in our future, but I'm hopeful that I'm wrong. Just in case, does anyone have any distraction techniques?

Wish us luck, fun, and happy journeys!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Writer's Workshop - Let the WInter Games Begin

I can't believe that it's the eighth of November already! Where has this year gone? Any minute now, we'll be breaking out our parka's and ski boots while the smell of hot cocoa surrounds us. (Ok, I don't actually ski. It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that people actually want to spend time out in sub zero weather, for FUN! Too cold for me. I like cocoa though...)

Tis the season! Winter will soon be here, bringing with it snow, and cold, and Christmas, and holidays, and cheer. What better way to start winter off then a bucket list of all the things I want to do this season? (Can hibernate be an option?)

1. Make every Christmas candy/cookie/fudge/punch/cocoa/breakfast/dessert on Pinterest. I may gain all of the  71 lbs I just lost back, but it'd be worth it!

Red Velvet TriflePeppermint Bark Cheesecake. Christmas Dessert!!

2. Snowball fight with the kids. (Or at least watch them snow ball fight. Anti cold and all) Dude #2 really wants to play in the snow this year. It'll be his first time, because he was too little last year. And dude #1 really wants to too, although he has never wanted to before. I am dying to see them do this! Granted, I think they are going to last a total of five minutes before they are desperate to come inside and sit on top of the heater.

3. Start elf on a shelf. I didn't do this with #1. I didn't even know about it. I know, where was I right? Pinterest teaches me so many things!

4. Go on a vacation! What better time to appreciate warm and sunny weather then when it's -42 degrees out?

5. Stop being afraid of driving in the snow. People all joke that we Buffalonians drive 90 mph on the thruway in a blizzard, while on a cellphone cooking our dinner. (I have seen that.) Sure, lots of crazy people do. Me? I'm the person on the thruway driving 5 mph, white knuckling it all the way. And I've lived here my whole life!

6. Watch "A Christmas Story" for 24 hours straight. I love that movie! "You'll shoot your eye out!" I always get outvoted when it's on TV, but I'm a gonna make it happen!

7. Learn to craft.....something. When you're stuck inside, and the kids are asleep, what else is there to do? People on Pinterest must have lots of time on their hands, they can make all sorts of nifty things out of a paperclip and an empty toilet paper tube. Maybe I can start by not gluing my arm to the floor?
Glass jars, twine, and spray paint.

8. Catch up on reading. Sure, I read all the books, art books, cases, memorandums. All school stuff. My Kindle has a back log of books I am dying to sink into. When school is in session, I turn into a hermit. Thank god it's only a few more weeks!

9. Graduate! That's right folks, this December is my last month at ECC! While this is not the end of my college career, I will still be the proud owner of an AAS in Paralegal studies! Whoop Whoop!

10. Make frozen bubbles with the kids. Ok, I know I said I'm all anti-cold and all, and I am! But I don't want to miss a minute of making memories with my family. And this is super cool! Go outside on any day when it’s below 32 degrees F and blow a bubble and then catch it on the bubble wand. Wait a few moments while it freezes - it will turn into a cool crystal ball before it shatters! It's fun and sciency at the same time, what more could you ask for?

What's on your winter to do this season?

I linked up with Mama Kat, who always manages to get me to put down my school work to blog. Go check her out!