Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pet Peeves

The next pet I get, I'm going to name him peeve, so when I introduce him, I can say this is my pet peeve. Except I will need a small army of pets, since I apparently have a few pet peeves.

1. The people in the grocery store with the fully loaded shopping cart who get into the line marked for people with 15 items or less. Enough said.

2. People who don't signal their right or left turn. The drivers on the road aren't psychic buddy, and we don't know if you are slowing down because you're in your car dying, or if because you could possibly be turning down that street over there. You may not know, because not a lot of people do, but your car has a secret mechanism called an indicator. Your steering wheel has a lever on it, that when you move it up or down, will activate an orange light on the back of your car. This orange light signals to all the other drivers on the road (and most importantly, the drive who is behind your ass) if you are turning left or right. If there is no flashing orange light, this is interpreted as you are continuing to go straight.

3. People who cut me off to go slow.

4. Name calling if you're over the age of 13. Even then it already gotten old. Moron, idiot, pansy, etc. Really?

5. Taking credit for other people's work. Just admit you were too lazy to do your own darn work.

6. Lack of manners. It's not hard people, someone does something for you, even if they bless you when you sneeze, you say thank you. If you fart or burb, you say excuse me.


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