Saturday, April 30, 2011

Extreme Couponers

Has any one seen Extreme Couponing on TLC? I love it. I have decided I want to be a crazy extreme couponer with stockpiles worth three small cars. At least I will when I find another fifty hours in a week (seriously! That's how much time the people on that show say they devote to it!) and can think that dumpster diving for coupons is a healthy way to spend my time. (seriously again!)

It makes me wonder though how their families feel about it? Is the husband in the background rolling his eyes, like "Yeah, we get groceries for free, but my wife is working with one cookie less then a dozen?" Do you think the kids try to pretend that that's not their mom? What about friends? If you're a full time homemaker with three kids who already admits she devotes fifty hours in a week to couponing, does she have time to have friends? Or a facebook/twitter/LIFE?

And what about when the years pass, and those crazy couponers get older, and eventually (like every one does at some point) die? Who wants the eulogy that says she saved a bunch of money? Or the tombstone that says she liked her coupons? Does someone really want a lifetime supply of toilet paper willed to them? Or one hundred and fifty shampoos, or two hundred toothbrushes?

I can understand people wanting to save money, especially in this economy. But at some point, when does enough become enough? Wouldn't you stop once you reached ten deodorants? I mean, how smelly can one family be? And I get that people like free stuff. (Come on now, who doesn't like something for free?) But if you don't have a baby, why are you stocking up on diapers?

I guess I wonder that if saving money comes at the expense of spending family time, or hubby time, or friend time, is saving that dollar really worth it?


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