Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm addicted to watching Food Network. Which is funny, since I can't cook for anything. No, seriously, I can't. I burn water! (Thankfully my husband fell in love with me before knowing this!) But I do love the Food Network, and all of it's shows. One of my favorites is Giada De Laurentis. She's this amazing Italian cook who always seems like she could whip up a six course meal blindfolded, with her hands tied behind her back, jumping on one leg.

I was watching one of her shows  few weeks ago, and her daughter was on. Now keep in mind, her daughter can't be older then two? Three? And I watched this adorable little girl sit down and eat things I couldn't even begin to pronounce. (Chick peas was an ingredient. Kale was too I think. Other then that, you got me!)

I thought, "What's her sercret?" How does she get her toddler to eat all these perfectly balanced and beautiful meals without so much as a fuss, a scream, a tantrum? My just turned two year old? He went thru a phase of only eating waffles. All day long. Morning, noon, night, and in between. We've managed to broaden his horizons a little, but he basically only wants carbs now. Pasta, pototoes, bread, waffles. If we can get him to eat a chicken nugget we call it a success.

We have followed the doctor's orders, you know, make him what we eat every time, and just keep putting it in front of him. That really doesn't work people. He shrieks because he doesn't want it, he then tries to feed it to us, and in the end, it's a standby of buttered noodles or french fries and apples for him.

I know it's a stage, and he's trying out his personality, and all the other things people say. But for a moment watching Giada, I have to admit there was a feeling of inadequacy. Like she can get her daughter to eat hearts of palm without a fuss, I'd be happy if #2 ate peanut butter! Or a carrot.  Or something green. (And does anyone even know what hearts of palm is? I'm not gonna lie, it sounds a bit scary, like some poor something or another had to die so you could eat it's heart. I think it's veggie..but maybe not.)

How'd she do it? Did she have to bribe her with a lifetime supply of trips to Disney world? Did they have to do thirty takes, and give her a big chocolate bunny before and after?  Did she put sugar on her daughters food and we just didn't see? Is it even possible for a toddler to not have a tantrum and eat everything and anything?

What about you? Any tricks, tips, or just plain funny stories about trying to get your child to eat?


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