Sunday, July 24, 2011

School Year Blues

It's almost the end of July. Which means the end of August is only a few short weeks away. And you know what that means is right round the corner...

That's right. The first day of school.

#1 is going to the 7th grade this year, so this is a routine we know very well. The school supply scramble. The sifting thru clothes, figuring out what new outfits he needs. Trying to get him back into a routine of going to bed early, etc. By now, we're pros.

What I never knew I'd have to deal with is other people's kids. Last year was #1's first year in middle school. And his first year being bullied. Some was from older kids, you know, the I'm in 8th grade so I'm just so cool type. But some was from kids he had classes with, or waited for the bus with. Some was kids being stupid, but some was flat out mean.

There wasn't alot. But there was enough.

We've always taught him that violence is not the answer,and you're nice to everyone no matter what. But last year is the first year that we had to have a bigger talk with him. How there are kids that are just mean, and they just want attention, and the best thing to do is ignore them. We've taught him the difference between stupid mean and mean mean. And while I won't let him see it, it takes every restraint I have not to go hunt down those kids and kick some 6th grade booty! I know that would defeat the whole violence is not the answer speech, but my momma bear instincts want to teach those meanies a lesson!

I know I can't fight his battles for him. But how can I not look at my baby, my first, my oldest, my sweet and funny and caring child, and not want to pop him in a bubble?

It breaks my heart seeing him frustrated and upset because some kid didn't like his backpack. I know that he'll find out about the world, and all the different people in it sooner or later, but why does it have to be sooner instead of later?

But that leaves us at a crossroads. Do we continue to push the "ignore them?" Or do we teach him what to do if, and that's a big IF, someone one day crosses the line? The hubs says yes. I'm less sure.

What would you do if it was your child?


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