Friday, September 23, 2011

Writer's Workshop-I'm from where????

I am from road trips to a Wonderland, and Coring, Finger Lakes and shrines, from Aqua Net and dresses for every occasion.

I am from the the ranch house where the wood crests that has no less then 200 lights for Christmas or Halloween, shining brightly in my bedroom window so I could stay up all night and read.

I am from gardens full of flowers, and a mom who still believes she has to yell at them to make them grow bigger, from weeping willows and potted trees.

I am from all day Christmases, and all day Thanksgivings, and all day Easters and curly hair, from Richard and Ludy, John and Genevieve.

I am from playtime imagination and hard work because of love. I am from stubbornness, and laughter and comedy and books.

From "If you don't listen you'll go to Father Baker's," and "Yes honey, your stuffies do come to life at night and play while you're sleeping. But if you don't go to sleep then they won't get to play." From words in Tagalog that I still don't know what they mean, but I know by my mom's tone they can't be good.

I am from Catholicism, and communion, but mostly from atheism. He stopped listening, and I stopped talking.

I’m from Sabres land, and a correspondence course that connected perogies to Imelda Marcos. Carrot cake and lumpias. Burning my mouth on hot out of the oil, better then an egg roll lumpias, and begging for more.

From the scar on my knee from when I was six, trying on all of my mom's high heeled shoes, the clack of the heel striking the tile, and the way my dad rushed to my side because I was crying. From a kiss and a band aid that made me get back up and do it all over again, with the same results.

I am from the largest cabinet collection of photo albums known to man, crafted carefully by my mother, who took pictures of every movement, in case we forget. From a ten gallon Tupperware container full of yearbooks, notes. letters, pictures, dried flowers, and every newspaper article I wrote. From a hallway that chronicles the sweetest moments.

I am from a family that loves and fights and loves some more.

Thanks to Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop for making me want to put down my homework and write about something that did not involve the legal system!


  1. That was fantastic! I especially liked the part about the lumpia! My SIL makes those for us and they are SO DANG GOOD!

  2. I love lumpias! :D Great post thanks for sharing this.

  3. Mmm, lumpia! Not something I get to have hardly ever. Nice post.

  4. @EmptyNester Thank you!!!! Sadlt I can't make them as good as my mom can, but I keep trying!!

  5. @Maureen | Tatter Scoops OMG, aren't they amazing??? Thank you for stopping by!

  6. @Just Jennifer Thank you!! They are labor intensive, but the payoff is so worth it! I love them!

  7. Love! Especially the part about the "stuffies" coming to life at night. I am so fascinated by all these "Where I'm From" posts -- it's like a window into different childhoods.

  8. @lettert Thank you!! To this day I still believe that my kids stuffies pull a "Toy Story" when e're not looking lol! I am loving them too. It's cool seeing someone else's childhood thru their eyes!