Friday, October 21, 2011

Remember When?

I remember when.....

People wore slap bracelets and Bart Simpson t-shirts.

I had my first kiss.

I found out I was pregnant with my first child.

Rap was about more then booty.

I found out I was pregnant with my second child.

We didn't have to lock our doors.

I'd take coffee to school in the 6th grade.

Alternative meant flannels and Kurt Cobain.

I got detention for the first time.

Gas was $2.

I caught lightning bugs in jars.

NKOTB was huge.

The Showplace Theater showed movies.

Being threatened I'd get sent to Father Baker.

People pinned and rolled their pants.

Prom night/graduation/Senior breakfast.

The original Thunder Cats, He Man, GI Joe, Smurfs, and the Snorks.

Writing for the Buffalo News.

Summer meant three months of being outdoors.

I fell off of a horse.

Cross colors.

I first met my husband.

MTV played music videos.

The POS broke my heart.

The Challenger exploded.

"If it doesn't fit,you must acquit."

Teased hair and AquaNet.


The Ozone didn't have such a big hole.

Kids worked out their differences by fighting, not shooting.

Mmm Bop.

What do you remember?


  1. Loved NKOTB and cross colors! I'm pretty sure I still have a cross colors sweatshirt my husband gave me ages ago. I'm not sure I should admit that!

  2. @Dumb Mom I still love NKOTB! I saw them three times over the summer with the backstreet Boys (I'm a dork lol) I think I still have a pair of cross color jeans somewhere too!