Saturday, October 22, 2011

Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday!

I love the Backstreet Boys. Don't laugh! I've been a crazy stalker obsessed fan since I was 15. And when I say obsessed, I'm so not kidding. For years my poor hubby had to go to sleep with a poster of AJ above our bed. (God I'm lucky he loves me!) No matter the day I have, any BSB song comes on and I'm instantly cheered up! So nothing makes me want to sing more then one of their songs. And my fav?? Everybody (Backstreet's Back) I even could do the dance! And this song always reminds me of the first BSB concert I went to, even though I've been to hundreds more since then.

I linked up with Not Just Another Mom of Twins and Because I'm the Mommy, the two people behind Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday. Check out their blogs, and share what song makes you wanna sing!


  1. Awesome...perfect with Halloween just around the corner...I think having an obsession or two is healthy! ;)

    Thanks for linking up...hope to see you next week too!



  2. I have never seen this video before...I know, I didn't have MTV growing up. I was deprived. Very timely vid with Halloween just around the corner! Great one

  3. @Just Another Mom of Twins I didn't even think of it being a good Halloween pick! You're welcome, I'll def be there!

  4. @Rebecca Burton No MTV? Oh no, you were deprived! And that was back when they still played videos!